YF910.5 Hydraulic Glue Machine

YF910.5 Hydraulic Glue Machine
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  • Item #: YF910.5

Machine treats 9' strip per pass using 10-1/2' polyethylene film. Plastic film is seamed with glue. Right and Left gluing attachements fold hydraulically.


- Main frame-3”X3” square tool bar with three point hitch.

- Eleven front swept heat treated forged shanks.  Injects fumigant 6”-8” deep.  Shanks set 10 1/2’ apart with 12” stagger.

- Two 14” hiller for preparation of firm glue surface and opening plastic furrows.

- Spring loaded drag board for sealing and smoothing treated area-Two plastic bars for 10 1/2’ plastic.

- Two plastic covering sweeps.

- Two dust shields.

- Two floating press wheels.

- Three cylinder racks for two methyl bromide cylinders and one nitrogen cylinder.

- Rack for 30 gallon drum of glue.

- Spray glue system includes P.T.O. driven all brass gear pump, cut off valves, brass pressure regulator, two adjustable glue nozzles, suction line   1/2” I.D. polyethylene tubing, pressure and bypass lines are high pressure clear and braided polyethylene tubing with swivel ends.

- Hydraulic folded flip bar on each side to turn up hillers and covering blades.  Machine works both ways in the field.

Reddick - YF910.5 Hydraulic Glue Machine Lit. (PDF)

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