YF203-90B Mulch Layer

YF203-90B Mulch Layer
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  • Item #: YF203-90B

This manchine is for raised bed much application and fumigation. Treated area will depend on press and pan size (optional). This applicator will lay up to 54" wide plastic.


- Main frame—3”X3” square tool bar frame with three point hitch.

- Two back swept fumigation knives, heat treated.  Additional knives may be needed depending on bed width.  Shanks are spaced 10”-12”      staggers.  Shanks are shear bolt protected.

- Two 14” three way adjustable covering disc for covering the edge of mulch film.  Mounted on floating gang pipes that are independent of each other to assure uniform coverage on unlevel ground.

- Two smooth press wheels with floating action.

- Plastic laying attachments include a double carriage for roll conversion on the go.  Plastic tension is adjustable with tension spring.

- Press pan—3/16” steel reinforced with 1/2” UHMW liner material.  Made to order.  Crown is made into bed press:  Many sizes are   available:

 Example:  30” wide top by 6” high side (two sides) allow 12” for tuck, this should take a 54” wide plastic.

- Bedding plows for pre-forming soil ahead of press pan.

- Two cylinder rack for two methyl bromide cylinders.

- Weight approximately 1000 lbs.

- Minimum recommended tractor size to lift and pull this machine:  55HP

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