Fertigation Nurse Trailer

Fertigation Nurse Trailer
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  • Item #: NTT/Fertigation
1000 Gallon Portable Injection Station

Standard Features:

 • Heavy-duty Trailer with "Torq-Flex" Axles,  Highway-rated Tires & Safety Chains

• Dual Chemical Racks for On-Board Storage

• (3) Swivel Mounted Side-Wind Jacks for Stabilizing on Uneven Ground

• 1000 Gallon Tank with 2" Quick Fill and Front & Rear Mounted Sight Gauges

• Fuel Efficient, Easy Start GX200 6.5Hp Honda Engine – Manual Start

• Banjo 2" Full Port "Super 2" Pump with Hi-Performance Impeller (Max. Flow 255GPM)

• Control Panel for Easy Selection of Suction, Discharge & Agitation/Mixing Functions

• Hypro "Clean Load" 7 Gallon Eductor for Chemical Mixing with Tank & Jug Rinse 

• Cone Bottom, Fully Drainable 175 Gallon Tank with "Super 2" Agitation for

  Thorough Mixing of Liquids, Wettable Powders & Granular Chemicals,

  for Off-Loading Into Sprayers or for Batch Injection

• 2" Plumbing for High Capacity Transfer of Liquids, Safety Shut-Off Valves on all Tanks

• Poly & Stainless Steel Valves for Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

• 20’ of 2" Reinforced Discharge Hose with Cam-Lock Couplers

• John Blue "E-Z Meter" Injection Pump with 316 Stainless Steel Cylinders,

   10-100GPH Injection Rates, Honda GX120 4Hp Engine

(Reddick - Fertigation Trailer Literature PDF)

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Price $21,900.00