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Now…Making Water Furrows in Dry Ground and 
Draining Wet Potholes is No Problem.
Eliminate most shovel Work and Cut More Uniform Ditches with
Reddick Chain Drive Ditchers.
Designed to Cut a Smooth Ditch that can be Crossed Easily
with Harvest Equipment. Combine Headers can Remain Close to the
Ground without Scooping Dirt, as with a Plowed, Drain Furrow.
Dig Ditches with a Single or Multiple Passes Using
Reddick’s Adjustable Skid Plate.
For Convenience a Built-In Parking Stand Holds the
Ditcher Upright for Easy Connection to Your Tractor

Chain Drive Ditcher
• Cutter Head – 3 Replaceable Heat-Treated,
High Carbon Steel Blades and 3 Thrower Blades
• Chain Drive – Heavy-Duty #120 Roller Chain in Oil
Bath. Shafts are 1-7/16” Diameter High Carbon Steel
• A-Frame – Category I & II Three-Point Hitch
• Main Frame – All Welded Heavy-Duty Rectangular
Tubing Used for Main Frame & Chain Housing
• Universal Drive Shaft – 1-3/8” 6-Spline Coupler for
540 RPM. Telescoping Shaft is Fully Shielded
• Horse Power - 60HP Rated PTO & Chain Drive
• Slip Clutch – Heavy-Duty Double Disc Clutch for
Overload Protection on Drive System

Direct Dirve Ditcher
Cleanly Cuts a Uniform Ditch up to 18” Wide and 14” Deep in Just One Pass.
Depth can be Adjusted to Your Needs. Soil Shields are Provided to Distribute
Dirt Evenly Over a Wide Area. Cutter Head is Equipped with Three
Self-Sharpening, Heat Treated Alloy Steel Blades.

• 18” Cutter Wheel – 3 Heat Treated Cutter Blades,
3 Thrower Blades
• Heavy-Duty Box Frame – Hitch Pins are Placed
Inside of Frame for Cat. I and Outside for Cat. II
• Horse Power – 55 HP Rated PTO & Drive Parts
• Soil Shields – For Even Dirt Distribution
• Depth Control – Rear Slide & 3 PTH Center Link

D4-C Direct Drive Weight: 420 Lbs
D6-OS-C Off-Set Chain Drive Weight: 655 Lbs.
D7-OS-HYD Hydraulic Drive Weight 690 Lbs.
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